The British Cabinet reshuffle

It is my strong suspicion that the last big reshuffle before next year’s General Election in Britain has gone largely unnoticed in the rest of the world, though it is the biggest political story here. Nevertheless, it is possible that people might like to see what is behind the headlines about the promoting of women, the supposedly eurosceptic Cabinet (no, it is not) and the reshuffle that has been described by no less a person than Charles Moore, as the worst in twenty-five years (can’t remember the others but doubt it). So I have written my own analysis on the subject and present it to CBz herewith.

The one thing I am very pleased about is the replacement of William Hague by Philip Hammond who seems to have a better understanding of reality.

2 thoughts on “The British Cabinet reshuffle”

  1. Hague out, the rest is “rearranging deck chairs on the Titantic.”

    Does that cover it in a Powerpoint bullet?

    I thought the UK Tory Party went to h*** when they dumped Thatcher.

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