Catatonic or Mellow?

Do we just not want to talk about tomorrow?

Okay, so here are Crosby & Astaire in a dated but mellow moment.

Mellow may require some medication in the next couple of days. Except, of course, being reality based we aren’t all that surprised. Tradespots has had the same message for months.

I’d take more heart in the late-breaking polls if Bush hadn’t felt obliged to campaign for Tom Osborne. Not many miles from the village where I grew up is the Osborne highway. One of the first things I noticed in my brother’s living room was a collection of books by Osborne (for instance). If he’s weak something somewhere must be happening – and it probably isn’t good.

2 thoughts on “Catatonic or Mellow?”

  1. You definitely have no empathy for women who are barren not by choice, nor seem to have any empathy for barren women who yet raise other people’s children, as stepmothers (as I did for 8.5 years, only to be deserted by the man, after sharing his life for 8.5 years, and helping to rear his daughter for that long). Your ideas are shallow, one-sided, and negatively eugenistic. You fail to see all sides of society, sides that crime victims and barren, single women (who are NOT single by choice, not unmarried by choice, disenfranchised, cut out of the job market after age 40, by mostly “traditional” men) face. I suggest you hone up on your education. Suggested reading for you might include:

    Dayna Dunteman’s Sacramento Magazine article of October 2006, “Sacramento Women: Women Vs. Women.” Link

    Then read Kathryn Joyce’s November 9, 2006 article, “Arrows For The War”. The Nation. Link.

    Then read and excerpt from Wolfgang Voegeli’s article, “Nazi Family Policy: Securing Mass Loyalty”, published in the Journal of Family History. Link

  2. What’s with this? Mellow – that’s what I was after. I’d suggest you fight the mommy wars at a more suitable post.

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