Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from this side of the Pond. We are all very envious of a holiday that has all the good things of Christmas and none or, at least, very few of the bad ones.

And for those brave souls who, sated with turkey and pumpkin pie, would like to read something about the situation over here, I have a couple of links: one to a blog posting about Owen Paterson, a fairly senior back-bench Conservative MP (Cameron should never have sacked him from the Cabinet) calling for British withdrawal from the European Union and another one on a different blog that concentrates on the fisheries issue on that speech and its importance as against the presence of two UKIP MPs in the House of Commons. Hope they will not spoil the festivities.

7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Helen. As one (of many) whose ancestors hailed from England (Crayford) I try to stay somewhat abreast of the goings on there, and hope one day to visit again. We’re experiencing a bit of the specter of lawfare that has become de rigueur in the UK, and millions are disgusted, angry (and invisible) Thanks for keeping the lamp lit.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all here, and everywhere. I sincerely wish everyone was as fortunate in their lives as I have been, but then you would have had to have married the marvelous woman who, mysteriously, agreed to join my life 30-some years ago, and there is truly only one of her.

    Embrace those you love and tell them so. Life, and joy, are so fleeting in a world full of lunacy.

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