I’m thankful for Franklin Roosevelt

It’s hard for me to believe but I’ve finally found a reason to be thankful for FDR. Were it not for him there would not be a 22nd Amendment. And were there no 22nd Amendment, Obama would be running again and would win for the same reasons he won the last two times. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Thanks Frank.

On the other hand, we are probably looking forward to the most interfering and disruptive ex-Presidency since…

8 thoughts on “I’m thankful for Franklin Roosevelt”

  1. He also did a relatively good job fighting WWII. And the CCC and WPA were good models for the unemployed we could still be following.

  2. “And the CCC and WPA were good models for the unemployed we could still be following.”

    They were excellent preparation for the army in World War II. Some CCC camps were run by generals.

    The draft in World War I disclosed a terrible problem with public health as many recruits were in poor physical condition in spite of their youth.

    The British situation was far worse with 40 to 60% of recruits rejected for physical reasons. That was WWI but the WWII situation was still not good.

  3. I think the fascinating thing about the post-presidential Hussein is what he will come out as. A Marxist? a Muslim? or a Sodomite?

  4. The 1930’s was an era of rising dictators all around the world. A great deal of that phenomenon was driven by despair over the calamities brought on by WW1, and fear of the Great Depression.

    FDR was the American version of the strong-man ruler that so many places turned to in response to the turmoil engulfing the world.

    The 22nd Amendment was a response to the demogogery and cultish nature of the administration at that time. It will be interesting, indeed, if there is any competent response to the corruption and power-seeking by the current regime when the other party takes control.

    I’m afraid I don’t have very high hopes for any coherent reform from the current group of go-alongs.

  5. Your thankfulness for the 22nd Amendment may be misplaced. Keep in mind that just days ago the Supreme Court ruled that the actual plain and understandable words of a statute must defer to what the Executive Branch concludes is the “real” intention of the authors. Shadows and penumbras are not restricted to abortion decisions.

    I would not be surprised if they do not find that the 22nd really contains a hidden exemption for Buraq Hussein Obama.

    There ARE no restrictions on what the Executive can do now, nor is the rule of law operating.

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