Big shout-out from Glenn Reynolds for America 3.0

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Huge thank you to Glenn Reynolds, a/k/a (of course) as Instapundit.

Glenn had a short post up today that said:

ARE YOU A CAMPAIGN POLICY ANALYST OR SPEECHWRITER? Then you need to read Jim Bennett & Michael Lotus’s America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century: —Why AmericaÂ’’s Greatest Days Are Yet to Come.
Trust me on this. You’ll be glad you did.

And of course we heartily agree that all of the campaigns should heed our sage analysis, policy proposals, historical acumen, and hopeful vision of America’s future!

There are times of big changes. It is time to think big The problems we face are big. And the opportunities coming our way for a better America are even bigger.

Glenn wrote the introduction to America 3.0, and his own writing is highly congruent with ours.

For example, we strongly commend Glenn’s new book The Education Apocalypse: How It Happened and How to Survive It. Note the — literally — apocalyptic title. Many people are drawn to the idea that the world is ending. But the title is a little out of sync with Glenn’s message, which not only talk about the problems of education, but some of the great opportunities for positive change which are within our grasp.

We need more of that kind of thinking. The current politico-economic regime is indeed coming to an end. Hopefully that end will not be too apocalyptic. (As an aside, can there be degrees of … apocalypticness?) We need to be thinking about getting through the transition and laying the foundation for the better America to come.

The next administration will be a critical one, with many hazards, and many important opportunities.

And for those who have not yet read America 3.0, you may enjoy this podcast interview which serves as a good, short summary of the book.

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