What is to be done?

Just got done listening to the talking heads arguing whether gun control or more mental health treatment is a better way to prevent the next wacko shooter. I’ve got another idea.

Accept that there are evil people in the world who will find a way to do bad things to others no matter how many laws we write. Even in China. Then figure out how to minimize the number of them who become cult figures to inspire other evil people.

How about denying these nuts their 24 hours of fame. Don’t broadcast their picture or name their name on air. Let them die in the anonymity they so richly deserve without the opportunity to inspire the next nut. By all means name the victims and describe the beginning of the destruction and greif brought to their families and communities. But don’t give these shooters any publicity at all.

It also seems like time to mandate that all live broadcasts are on 7 second delay.

14 thoughts on “What is to be done?”

  1. “Ending the race baiting on TV by the BLM and similar fools would be good.”

    And in newspapers. Magazines. Universities. Presidential podiums.

  2. When I think things like that, I remember the great scene in “Stalag 17.”

    Oberst Von Scherbach: Curtains would do wonders for this barracks. You will not get them.

    Nobody cares about the “collateral damage” from these willful lies.

  3. More to the point, the Democrats have spent the last eight years stirring up ethnic identity divisions and race hatred to further their political aims. The unstated corollary always being, Give us what we demand or we’ll unleash all the violence we’ve stirred up. The Democrats are very similar to the NAZI’s in their approach to political power. No surprise there.

    What’s most disgustingly cynical is the pretend ‘shock face’ they assume when blacks or leftists act out on the violent and hateful rhetoric they deliberately stoked. Riots? We’re shocked! Police attacked? We’re shocked! White reporters shot live on TV by deranged black man? We’re shocked!

    No you’re not.

    Related? I read today that Obama keeps violent rap queued up on his iPhone.

  4. So, just sweep it under the rug. We put safety devices on various tools as they can be very dangerous. Gun control is simply sane recognition of the crazy that runs rampant in some countries, the US in particular. Evil people are very rare, crazed idiots are everywhere.

  5. This is simply not true – there are thousands of murders in the US each year and a handful of “crazed idiots” shoot people. Unless you define people who commit murder as crazy by default, in which case I don’t know what would qualify as evil.

  6. I would also note that of the thousands of gun murders committed in this country every year, if you remove those committed by Black males in the ten largest urban areas [all totally controlled for generations now by Democrats and usually Black Democrats, and all with the most restrictive gun laws in the country]; our per capita murder and violence rate in this country would be less than European countries.

    It is interesting that in the case of Dylann Roof [the Charleston shooter who killed 9 Blacks at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church], whose stated goal was to provoke a race war; the media and political world have concluded that the problem was solely White racism.

    In yesterday’s shooting by Vester Flanagan [a Black, male, gay, former newscaster who had a history of charging discrimination against himself and suing his co-workers throughout his career; and whose manifesto stated specifically that his shooting was to avenge those killed in Charleston and to start a race war]; he killed a straight white male, and a straight white female. And the media and political world have concluded that the sole problem is the gun; with the shooter’s race, sexual orientation, and whatever political and psychological beliefs having absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Almost as if the Left, the political, and the media worlds have an Agenda to which truth must bow.

    Subotai Bahadur

  7. Unless we publicize their crimes, how we will recognize them before they strike? (Whether we have the will to do anything about the next Eldridge Cleaver, serial rapist and author, or next Ted Kaczynski, murderer and manifesto writer, is another matter.)

    People politely averted their eyes from Vester Flanagan and Nidal Hasan because of their social castes. That problem cannot be solved.

  8. How about barring People of Colorâ„¢ from possessing weapons? or ban any member of the Demo party from possessing weapons?

  9. “We put safety devices on various tools as they can be very dangerous.”

    PenGun weighs in with his usual wisdom. How would we put locks on all those black males ?

    Over at Althouse we got into a troll war about murder rates. White (non-Hispanic) violent crime rates in this country are about what Europe sees, or did until the Muslim invasion.

    Gun crime has gone down in the past 20 years as ownership of guns by law abiding has gone up. Coincidence ?

    Not to the Democrats who need issues and who also need to avoid the topic of the violent base that they have been cultivating.

    Black and Hispanic crime rates have gone up, not down. Most of the Hispanic crime, to be fair, is committed by young males in the country illegally who often live in dormitories and have no family. The families are in Mexico. Lots of weekend drunkenness in Hispanic areas.

  10. How about mentioning the incident, but referring to the perpetrator as “A random asshole.”

    As in: “A random asshole committed an atrocity today in [Fill in the blank]. According to papers retrieved from random asshole’s home, he was upset about [Fill in the blank]. Following a chase, police shot the random asshole dead. If anyone cares, random asshole’s body can be picked up at the morgue.”

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