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There really is very little I can say about the Paris events (the word les événements might acquire a new meaning now and, perhaps, we shall all get over that nonsense of 1968) and their aftermath, particularly as it is still not clear what will happen in the medium and long term. But I thought readers of Chicagoboyz might be interested by news of our own battlefront or, at least, some of it.

I have put up two postings on my blog about debates in the House of Lords where all the interesting political stuff happens: one was the Second Reading of Baroness Cox’s Private Member’s Bill, whose aim is the abolition of Sharia courts, which the Home Secretary, Theresa May, has finally acknowledged as a danger and the other is about a somewhat more idiosyncratic campaign conducted by the Lord Pearson of Rannoch (the word idiosyncratic was invented to describe him) to open up a wider dialogue about Islam. I realize that some of the terminology I use is not always clear to people outside Britain but I shall be happy to answer questions.

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  1. I certainly agree that the abolition of Sharia courts is a step in the right direction. I also suggest the Mayor of London ought to put a stop to muslims blockading the streets for prayers. That is a deliberate act of symbolism that says to the people of Britain, we muslims have no respect for your laws, your society, or for you. We’ll do whatever we want. Try and stop us. It’s a daily act of insurrection carried out by muslims. It encourages the breakdown of British law and society, exactly as the Sharia courts are intended to do. It is weakness to tolerate it.

  2. BTW, the American Left, as I’m sure you’re aware, are attempting to install their own parallel “Sharia” courts on university and college campuses, for virtually same reasons as the muslims. They ought to be abolished immediately.

  3. Any realistic discussion of Islam over here is by a few sources, Pamela Geller who is constantly attacked here by the left. and who is barred from Britain. She and Robert Spencer are banned from the country.

    Pamela Geller announced at her Atlas Shrugs blog Wednesday morning that “the British government has banned us (herself and fellow Stop Islamization of America activist Robert Spencer) from entering the country … In not allowing us into the country solely because of our true and accurate statements about Islam, the British government is behaving like a de facto Islamic state. The nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead.” She has posted the letter (Page 1; Page 2) from the British Home Office Secretary (UK’s equivalent of our Homeland Security) telling her that her presence would not be “conducive to the public good.” –

    Another good source is Middle East Research Institute which publishes English translations of many speech made in Farsi or Arabic and shows the different texts in each version.

    Spencer has a very useful web site that provides primers on the Quran and Islam as it is, not as they say it is.

    I have read several articles about the Saudi funding of mosques here and how moderate mosques are taken over with a change in the topics of preaching.

    One thing we could do both here and in Britain is to block funding of religious sites and institutions by foreign governments.

    I was in Britain in September and was impressed with what looks like internal segregation of English people to southeast England. We stayed with friends, who live in a very pretty small city on the southeast coast. They commented on the absence of “Asian” faces in the city.

  4. A good start, I’d agree – and about damned time for those of us in the West to put some teeth into defending those things we hold dear: the rule of law, safety in our communities for everyone — especially women and girls — and hey, wouldn’t it be nice to go to a restaurant or a sports event or a concert, or hang around the finish line of a marathon, or just go to work and not have to worry about being blown up or machinegunned by some fanatic all hopped up on a vision of the Islamic afterlife as an endless orgy?

  5. “those of us in the West to put some teeth into defending those things we hold dear”

    I’m shopping for an AR 15 and educating myself about them. The gun shop will have some new Bushmasters in next week. I don’t need the high end do-dads of some of the really expensive versions. I doubt I will even use a scope. I doubt the 16 inch barrel is that accurate over 300 yards.

    My 30-30 has been enough so far but these look interesting.

    The trusty Colt 1911 is in the bedside table. I gave my son the Baretta 9mm that he loves. The Walther PPK is too small for my hand and my wife may decide to use it. She has taken one shooting lesson and will take more before we decide to keep it. I’ve had it for many years but never used it much.

  6. @ SGT Mom,

    “the rule of law,”

    The Rule of Law has defeated us comprehensively.

    Your defenders are paralyzed by fear of jail.

    The Rule of Law in America now when and where we live is an immuno virus that is killing the host. This suits the Lawyers fine.

    Better find something that’s defensible.

  7. You should understand that if you need to arm yourself, your society has failed.

    People who live in societies that in your view have failed should do what, Pengun?

  8. “People who live in societies that in your view have failed should do what, Pengun?”

    Fix it! Your solution?

    There are various definitions of society but the simplest “the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.” will do.

    More or less is pretty big so we can deal with a wide range of possibility. Living together is perhaps the most important part and that’s where the US fails. The huge stratification, perhaps the greatest in the world, I guess the Saudis etc can compete, with a half million homeless and the 1% owning a large proportion of the wealth of the country, creates communities with almost no connection with each other.

    As well the idea you need to constantly be ready to use armed force to defend yourself, organization, religion, etc, is toxic.

    You could work on those two. ;)

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