Boffo Bovine Bastille Day (ROCK) Blowout

My band Bald Cow will perform at Jimmy’s, in beautiful Hyde Park (near the University of Chicago) this Saturday, July 14, 2007, at 7:00 p.m. This is only our second show since 1990. Our 2004 show was “reviewed” here. We have practiced a few times and I think I can hit most of the notes. (Our MySpace page has some songs recorded back in 1990, and two videos from the 2004 show.) The musical style is traditional 1970s punk rock, with some pretensions to grandiosity.

9 thoughts on “Boffo Bovine Bastille Day (ROCK) Blowout”

  1. Lex, I know that you are not planning to video this event yourself, but would you mind if someone in your vast audience produced a YouTubed video of your show that we could link to?

  2. do it!! do it!! chances are slim to none that I can make it — but still working on the logistics of trip … a youtube job would be perfect … the cow deserve to live in perpetual cyberspace …. mooo.

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