Random Thoughts

Anyone interested in the scientific explanations for atmospeheric phenomena (including the dispelling of some myths that even scientists cling to) should check out Craig Bohren’s Clouds in a Glass of Beer and What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

Also check out Derek Lowe’s observations about his new job in a new lab. Regarding AC/DC’s “Back in Black”? Guilty (it’s also excellent work-out music). Terse and obscene reminders to treat equipment properly? Guilty (at least I didn’t threaten to hang the Chinese grad student who kept putting teflon tape on brass gas-line ferrules – with his own teflon tape!). And keeping strange-looking innards of machinery in my drawer on the off chance someone will want to get it working again? Really guilty.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Same level of technical detail as an early Tom Clancy novel, but technical stuff is weather systems and how to manipulate them; an Anita Blake style heroine and Evanovitch humor. Caine’s Weather Warden series has six parts – best start at #1.

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