Chicago River and Construction

There’s a lot of activity along the Chicago River. If you haven’t been to Chicago in a while I highly recommend that you take the river walk along the south side of the Chicago River which extends through Streeterville / River North. They have bars and restaurants and you can rent canoes and do some people-watching at river level. Here’s the official web site.

The construction is fun to watch as you walk down Wacker Drive. They have barges where they bring in equipment and install a metal barrier and then fill it in with gravel to extend out into the river. The river is still green from St. Patrick’s day in this photo above. If you have kids or grandchildren who like to watch construction and cranes and such this is highly recommended, as well.

We keep building new high rises in Chicago. This photo is looking west along the river and you can see the two large buildings that are nearly completed. It is a whole new Chicago!

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3 thoughts on “Chicago River and Construction”

  1. Take a boat tour of Chicago. Best is one where you end up out in the lake as the sun sets.
    Sad it about to collapse.
    Thanks Obama/Rahm.

  2. I like projects like this. Infrastructure development, done right, does not not just provide jobs, it improves the everyday lives of citizens. If it’s done really well it can increase economic activity as well, since more people will be interested in living or working the area.

    It’s also related to to Broken Windows theory. When an area improves, it generally becomes safer. I would like to see a lot more infrastructure improvement in this country. We can do much than what we have.

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