12 thoughts on “Please avoid using these Alt-Right hate-gestures”

  1. Well, i guess people using American Sign Languge are out of luck. Figure one resembles the sign for the number nine.

  2. Really, trolling SJWs may be 4chan’s highest and best use, next to tracking down violent antifas.

  3. In the Soviet system, all were criminals and the only difference was whether the powers that be decided to notice your crime or not. In the SJW system, it is the same.

  4. This has to be a joke. There is no way to not use the thumbs up or ten, v or peace or ok. No one has appropriated those for hate. Please don’t listen to this site.

  5. JaimeRoberto, have to avoid normal milk, brown or red milk is fine, except on every other Thursday when it is cultural appropriation.

  6. The left keeps “jumping the shark.” The only proper response is laughter and ridicule.

  7. The Michelle Obama lunch rules were just changed to permit drinking chocolate lo-fat milk in school. Someone should start an Internet rumor that Steve Bannon personally drove the change because chocolate milk is cultural appropriation and he wanted to encourage “dairy genocide”.

    I swear it would trend among SJWs on Twitter within 24 hours.

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