British People Need Guns

Solid work by the cops in London. Once the coppers show up the jihadis are dead dirt in seconds.

Notably the terrorist idiots were wearing fake suicide-bomb vests. The cops closed with them and killed them at close range without regard to their own safety.

But the cops cannot be everywhere. When seconds count, even with the best of intentions, the police will always be minutes away.

In the USA we have, thank God, the Second Amendment. These dirtbags would have run into citizens carrying firearms, not pint glasses or bare fists.

The Brits need to gun up.

There will be lots more like this.

29 thoughts on “British People Need Guns”

  1. If guns were easily got hold of in Britain then the terrorists would have had guns.

    I think British gun laws are unwise, but I am struck by how foolish many arguments against them are.

  2. Britain should not have suppressed its subjects’ right to arms. However, the main problem is that the British political class refuses to acknowledge that it erred in promoting immigration without insisting on assimilation.

  3. Excellent point, Dearleme.

    “Britain should not have suppressed its subjects’ right to arms.”

    Aha! So that’s where our 2nd Amendment came from. And here I thought the Founding Father’s were responsible. Learn something new every day.

  4. Both Britain and Australia have severely suppressed gun ownership after a shooting incident by a crazy person years ago.

    Before that event, both had about the same number of guns per capita as the US.

    I grew up in the 40s and 50s and guns were just something people had to use for hunting or target shooting.

    There was no thought of self defense.

    Inner city violence probably had more influence on people buying f=guns for defense, then the rhetoric of gun banning stimulated a huge demand for buying guns.

  5. I’m always struck by the variance in rates of home-invasion robberies when homeowners are present, between Britain and in places like … er, Texas.
    I believe that if one did a house-to-house toss of my own neighborhood, there would turn up sufficient personal weapons to outfit a small European army. In the time that I have lived in it, there have been no home-invasion robberies (a couple of robberies of unoccupied homes, though,) and only one instance of violent murder of local householders. And that was the only one in the twenty years that I have lived here.

  6. “to outfit a small European army.”
    Q: How are the home invasion rates in Switzerland? My guess is they are low. Of course, they are still a pretty homogenous society in most social ways, but we’re not allowed to talk about that as a factor in anything, lest we be accused of double plus ungood think.

  7. If the violent inner cities are excluded there is less crime and fewer murders here in the US than in Europe.

    Especially the past three years or so.

  8. The US Second Amendment is based on the British Bill of Rights of 1689.

    It was not a US invention.

  9. Terrorists may have any number of weapons, or types of weapons. They are criminals. The citizens should not be compelled by their government to be defenseless.

  10. As Mike K says, we have had some spree killing incidents (a particularly nasty one in 1996) and since the level of gun ownership was low anyway there was little political resistance to more anti-gun legislation.
    I get the general impression that most members of the British public (at least the ones I speak to) would be happy to take a shot at terrorists, but otherwise they don’t feel they need a gun for any other defensive purpose and are very worried about spree killings. Such events may very well be relatively rare, but the effect of rare and dramatic events on the human perception of risk is well known. What politician would dare relax the laws when the blame for murdered children would be laid upon them by a media keen to whip up a moral panic?
    I should add that I don’t often encounter outright hoplophobes here, at least when talking in person.

  11. “If the violent inner cities are excluded there is less crime and fewer murders here in the US than in Europe.”

    I take it that it’s only for the US that you propose to ignore particular chunks of the population?

  12. Nobody’s ignoring it, Dearie. Local rates of violence are more closely correlated with the race/culture/ethnicity of local populations than with the numbers or types of weapons they hold.

  13. “Nobody’s ignoring it” Really? Then what does “If the violent inner cities are excluded” mean? I repeat my point: it’s improper to compare US figures minus some selected areas with (say) European figures with no exclusions.

  14. It’s not ignore, Dearieme, it’s take into account. When you have 6.5% of the population committing more than 50% of all homicides, all rapes, all felony assaults, etc., one is allowed to notice. One may not print it or say it, natch. Merely notice. Allow me to proffer you a red pill:

    Expanded Homicide Data Table 11
    Murder Circumstances
    by Weapon, 2011
    Total: 12,664
    Total firearms: 8583
    Handguns: 6220
    Rifles: 323
    Shotguns: 356
    Knives or cutting instruments: 1694
    Personal weapons (hands/feet): 726

    Expanded Homicide Data Table 3
    Murder Offenders by Age, Sex, and Race, 2011
    White 4,729
    Black 5,486
    Other 256
    Unknown 4077

    Note throughout that for demographic purposes, Hispanics are lumped in with Americans of European descent. When the FBI says ‘White’, they mean Hispanic and Caucasian put together. And yet every cartel member and meth head in the country are still outgunned by black inner-city hoodlums… by a dysfunctional subculture hiding within 13% of our population. Note also if you look at our homicide rate broken down by weapon type, 323 people died to rifle fire in 2011. We lose more people to freaking bee stings…. but nobody ever mentions this in public, least of all the dinosaur media. Some minorities are more equal than others, it seems.

    Guns aren’t dangerous. White men aren’t dangerous. Black men aren’t dangerous. The violent, misogynistic, racist hood rat subculture is dangerous. We all know that. But ethnocentric black people and their Alinskyite handlers in politics and media won’t let us talk about it.

    Now that you’ve swallowed that one, here’s another: Outlawing a thing does not get rid of it. Gun control merely treats a symptom. The disease NuLab imported and that your new government nods and smiles at and is allowing to metastasize rages merrily onwards. You *did* have a gun culture at one time. You will need to rediscover it…. and a few other things you have permitted to rust.

  15. Let me rephrase my comment, Dearie. The issue of weapons possession by private citizens is a canard that people who wish to avoid discussing race, ethnicity, culture, religion and/or immigration invoke on the topics of violent crime and terrorism. This is true in the USA and Britain.

  16. “The issue of weapons possession by private citizens is a canard that people who wish to avoid discussing race, ethnicity, culture, religion and/or immigration invoke on the topics of violent crime and terrorism [ … in] Britain.

    I think you’re wrong. The issue arose in the run-up to the 1997 election when a weak prime minister and an unscrupulous leader of the opposition sparred about a mass killing in a primary school in rural Scotland. It was nothing to do with Jamaican gangsters, Moslem terrorists, the IRA, or anything like that.

    Of course the real problem was that the relevant loony, and an earlier one who’d staged a massacre in a market town in the south of England, had seen news reports of such slaughters in the US and decided, in his insane way, to copy them. That at least is my interpretation, consistent with my rule that American habits get copied worldwide, but only the bad ones.

    “It’s not ignore, Dearieme”: oh yes it was. For the purpose of comparison Mike “excluded” the parts of the US with high murder rates but did not effect the same excision for European countries.

  17. I should add mental illness and media irresponsibility. These are very difficult issues with little opportunity for political profit, and make the press look bad (with reason), so partisans and their media enablers try to make the issue of mass-murders committed by media-influenced crazies into a controversy about guns.

  18. Dearieme, how is this, white people in the US have about the same murder rates as white people in Europe. Everyone tip-toes around the facts but blacks and Hispanics commit the overwhelming percentage of violent crimes in the US.

  19. Phil Ossiferz Stone Says:
    June 9th, 2017 at 10:04 am

    If I may add a concurrence; if Black on Black firearms murders in the 7 largest US cities[ all of which have been Democrat run for a century or more, and most of which are Black Democrat run] were taken out, the firearms murder rate in the US would be below Europe’s.

    The primary variable seems to be the Urban Black culture developed in Leftist controlled cities.

  20. “The issue of weapons possession by private citizens is a canard that people who wish to avoid discussing race, ethnicity, culture, religion and/or immigration invoke on the topics of violent crime and terrorism.”
    Yeah, this is what I was alluding to in my earlier comments re: Switzerland. Tons of guns, low gun crime, homogenous population. Saying guns=crime is a convenient dodge to avoid talking about other issues that the chattering classes don’t want to discuss.

  21. it’s improper to compare US figures minus some selected areas with (say) European figures with no exclusions.

    I did say that the last three years may have changed things but for the worse in Europe.

    I support subotai’s statement above.

    The blacks who want a peaceful life are trapped with the lawless element, who are often their own teenaged kids who absorb the “thug life” from rap music and peer pressure.

    I support vouchers mainly for them.

  22. I can’t believe we still talk about gun control as an effective means of…anything…when you have a city like Chicago, who had/has some of the most draconian gun control laws on the planet and is like a shooting gallery on any given day. In certain neighborhoods, of course. Can I say that?

  23. What Chicago actually pointed out is the absolute uselessness of gun laws in America. Chicago always had the most draconian gun laws in the USA, with a complete banning of handguns for practical purposes. Yet it is the most lawless area with so many shootings that no one even keeps count of them and those “bans” did nothing, zero, to impact the violence.

    Fact One

    There is no way that anyone is going to take guns away from Americans. There are way, way too many guns out there. My (late) friend Gerry worked in a gun shop and the volume of sales that they did would be just unimaginable to an average European. There are more guns than people in America and they aren’t going away.

    Fact Two

    The USA has high rates of gun violence in certain areas, and the police cannot respond in time to protect you. They simply cannot be everywhere and pre-emptively protect folks without moving into a virtual police state and multiplying their ranks 10 fold. Basically you are on your own and they will come and pick up the spent shell casings and put up tape. If you don’t believe me, visit large swathes of Chicago.

    Fact Three

    Draconian gun laws in Chicago have proved to be utterly useless in stemming the tide of violence. The criminals obtain all the guns they want or need, regardless of background checks, laws, agencies, or anything else. Chicago is a “test case” in proving this fact.

    Given facts one, two and three, we can either have a sensible discussion about guns or a senseless discussion about guns. Any sensible discussion would acknowledge these three facts as baseline discussion points and move from there.

    Sadly enough, you won’t find acceptance of these three facts and so we might as well be talking about the dark side of the moon.

  24. “Any sensible discussion would acknowledge these three facts as baseline discussion points and move from there.”

    The gun banners will tell you to ban guns form the adjacent states and that eventually goes on to a total national ban.

    Then, you can talk about Mexico where they are also banned.

  25. White guys from Chi town blaming the coloreds for all the crime.

    I’m shocked!

    [Jonathan adds: Commenters Blaine and Derek post from the same IP address.]

  26. The mess America has made in the middle east is almost entirely to blame for terrorist attacks worldwide.

    To tell them to arm themselves against this American made problem does seem a bit self serving. Be like us and shoot them. No thanks.

  27. ” Be like us and shoot them. No thanks.”

    Yes, be like pennie and get shot while cowering.

    The Middle East has been a mess since Mohammed died. If, indeed, he ever lived.

  28. Mess of the Middle East? After Islam, the Ottoman Empire, colonialist messing around by the European powers post WWI, Russian subterfuge after WWII, the Suez Canal crisis … we were just late to the party, Penny.

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