4 thoughts on “Note”

  1. If one does not approve of Obama on military matters, fine and good. Discuss that, but the film deals well beyond military mattersand so the impression is simply thatthis is an anti-Obama piece.

    I find some of what obama says on military matters ok;some things questionable. What does McCain offer? same thing plujs hundred years in Iraq, and a social program? that does nothing to correct wbhere we presently are.

    But then clearly I prefer change. Note: another guy with no experience in military matters, really, and with but limited time in elective officze before becoming presildent: Abe Lincoln.

  2. This is a Youtube that may well have been put up by someone unfriendly to Obama. It does, however, consist only of a section of an Obama speech – one that does not appear edited or spliced. Fred may think it unfair to use Obama’s own words, but that can hardly be considered a “hit” job.

    I have no expertise in film editing, so I may be wrong, but it appears one long section from one speech; the delivery is strong and clear and the rhetorical strength relies on rhythm and the chief rhetorical device is that of repetition in a catalog sequence not unlike those found in Whitman. Indeed, I suspect for some it is a powerful speech that thoroughly demonstrates why they would vote for him.

    (Fred’s comment may mislead those who haven’t followed the link. And his comment is – as we might expect – off topic.)

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