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  1. Why isn’t Hillary’s comeback to BHO: “Look, you have made this a mess, I can save you, but you will have to be Number 2.”

    I don’t think that either of those characters has much no I in team in them.

  2. Nope, they will hold a press conference, and Biden, Obama … and Hillary Clinton will come out. Biden will graciously step down. Obama will graciously introduce Hillary. She will graciously agree to be the VP. They will say that the unexpected, because totally irresponsible, appointment of Gov. Palin required a rethink, for the good of the country. So, after consultation, everyone agrees that Hillary should be on the ticket, given this unexpected turn of events.

  3. Simply removing Biden at this point would do more harm than good. If he goes it will have to be for reasons beyond anyone’s control. Health. Family member’s health. Other family emergency. The tricky thing is, it will have to be something that precludes running for VP but not from continuing to serve in the Senate. Biden’s been at this too long to let some snot-nose punk with a slick tongue and no experience run him completely out of the game.

    Also, I continue to maintain that Hillary has and will continue to do just enough to not be accused of undermining the team. Palin is the best thing that ever happened to her short of marrying a good politician. Not only does McCain have a chance to win, it has now clearly demonstrated what a mistake Obama made in not choosing her and perhaps what a mistake the Democratic Party made in choosing Obama.

    Her eyes are now firmly set four years down the road where her theme will be: Hillary ’12: I told you so.

  4. Usually, in these instances the reason is so the person “can spend more time with their family”. This goes not just for politicians, but people in business, sports, whatever. I have seen that excuse zillions of times.

  5. No one will campaign with Obama. Nor will anyone of stature agree to become his VP candidate. The only reason he chose Biden was that no one else was available. What good would it do for Hillary to become part of this failed campaign?

    Political forecasting is not one of Instapundit’s strengths.

  6. Joking aside, Obama is still ahead.

    He is just getting into counter-attack mode since Palin appeared.

    Odds are he will regain some of that ground, stay ahead, and win the election.

    He is not going to start doing panicky-looking things like firing Biden.

  7. I doubt that Obama will replace Biden. Doing so would keep the VP selection as the focus of public attention, which would not benefit Obama. It would be like an admission that Obama’s campaign is in trouble. And it would be difficult for Obama to find a good replacement. (Obama is not likely to pick Hillary, if only because as a likely presidential candidate in 2012 she has little incentive to help him win now.)

    As to Lex’s statement that the odds still favor Obama, the race is close, and while Obama currently appears to have a small edge in electoral votes, the situation is dynamic and no one knows how this thing is going to end. This race may turn on a few thousand votes.

  8. Experience has shown that in the two decisions that Obama wants to place at the center of the “proof” of his judgement that it is McCain that got them right. The surge has worked and Palin has a better (and more executive) record than has Biden. The fact that many doubted McCain’s judgement on both in the media indicates he does make choices based on his long experience of war, politics, and people.

  9. “Joking aside, Obama is still ahead.
    He is just getting into counter-attack mode since Palin appeared.”

    Like this?
    “You can put lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still gonna stink.”

  10. “There is nothing he would not do.”

    That is absolutely true, but the Clintons won’t do anything for free and the price they would ask is one that Hussein will not be willing to pay.

    Helen: weird and unprecedented.

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