6 thoughts on “Pure laser … cutting and illuminating”

  1. Yes, it is startling how much Obama resembles Carter right down to the windfall profits tax on oil companies he proposed last fall. The greatest myth of contemporary politics is that the left is “progressive”, “liberal” or any other term that implies looking to the future. They are reactionaries seeking to go back to the 70’s and before when centralized state power was the rage. I will go so far as to say that no idea that Obama has announced is less than 30 years old.

  2. Obama has had a few bad picks but they got weeded out. Contrast this to the people (ie Brown, FEMA) who got jobs! Hop long has Obama been in office? Why not wait till he does things or fails to do things rather than sitting about sniping as though tghe Bush family were the gold standard for American presidents.

  3. Time has passed and the incompetence of Brown has become less obvious than the incompetence of Louisiana politicians who saw everything in terms of politics and who refused to call Katrina a disaster; problems arose from a culture that had traditionally seen politics in terms of graft and the federal government as first responders. Obama wasn’t incompetent in Kentucky – or at least not dramatically so. But what worries me is that Obama’s (and the press’s) vision would make the entire country like New Orleans. If so, then disasters multiply when the shit hits the fan.

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