Joke of the Day

A minister was raising a young lad.  The boy was approaching his late teen years and had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, a situation many young men find themselves in.  The minister decided to try a little experiment to see exactly just what the boy would do with his life.

On a table in the boys room the minister placed a Bible, a coin, a jug of whiskey and a Playboy magazine.  The minister thought that whatever item the boy picked up after he got home, that would determine the lad’s lot in life.

If the boy picked up the Bible, then the boy would follow the minister in the church.  If the boy picked up the coin, he would be a financier.  If the booze was chosen, he would be a drunk, and if the Playboy was selected, he would be a womanizer.

The minister hid in the boy’s closet, keeping it a bit ajar so he could see the results of the experiment.

The boy came home from school and went to his room.  He picked up the Bible and put it under his arm, put the coin in his pocket, took a giant swig of the whiskey and then picked up the Playboy and sat in a chair in the corner and began to look at it. 

The misister dropped to his knees, head in his hands and said “Oh my god it is worse than I ever could have expected.  My son is going to be the next governor of Illinois!”