Industrial Distribution in the Covidian Era, Continued…

For those of you who may not know, I own a HVAC distributor, which is a subset of industrial distribution. I have been writing of the many toils and tribulations of our industry during the Covidian era. What follows is another super exciting update on how it’s going in “my world”, as requested by many (well, actually nobody, but if interested, it is below the fold).

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Making It Hard/Impossible

Email I read today from an industry HR person. It is pretty difficult right now negotiating the local, state, and federal ever moving goalposts on workplace safety.

This whole thing and lack of consistency are insane. It goes from one extreme to the other: if you’ve been exposed and not symptomatic, come to work, wear a mask. If you’re a healthcare worker in CA, fine to come in if you are positive and asymptomatic. Oh, wait, if you’re positive, you can’t come to work, even if asymptotic if you are not a healthcare worker or work in any other state. You don’t have to wear a mask if everyone in your area is vaxed. Wait, we can’t disclose status due to HIPPA, so everyone should mask. Plus, even if you’re vaxed, you can still transmit it, so you should mask. Oh, actually, if you are asymptomatic and positive and mask, you probably can’t transmit it, so you’ll be ok to work in the hospital in NY soon. The messaging is so mixed. Depends on where you are reading the info and what day it is.