Plane Spotting Meets the 21st Century

As a kid I would love going to the airport and seeing all of the different types of planes, and the branding, and would always wonder where they were all going. Planespotting.

Now, you can go onto Youtube and enter “planespotting” and any of a number of different streams will populate, many of them live, that will take you all over the world to see all types of different planes from passenger to cargo to pleasure. Many have a revenue stream and are dependent on eyeballs and donations/subscriptions and many are just a guy and a camera set up on a hill.

Probably one of the biggest and best is Airline Videos Live, and they are usually planted around LAX. This week they are in ANC and the video from yesterday is absolutely stunning. They even had a DreamLifter show up.

If you like this sort of thing, the world is your oyster now.

Disclaimer – *I have no financial or any other gain by referring AVL*.

A Weekend Energy Information Drop – Random Thoughts

A friend of mine recently bought a Tesla and I asked him last week how he was enjoying his coal and natural gas powered vehicle, since those two fuels represent the majority of power generation in Wisconsin. It led to an interesting discussion, and one that I have been trying to have with many people, most of whom simply won’t listen, don’t care, or would rather just talk about something else. The source of electricity generation seems to get glossed over or lost in the haze to most.

I live in HVAC world, where we are right now in the middle of massive changes in efficiency and product selection due to new energy mandates (and some old ones now coming due). While these changes and the stampede toward electrification seem to make some sense (and are loved by voters, apparently) the cost of the equipment keep skyrocketing. The equipment is now larger so you get fewer units on a truck, and fewer in the warehouse, which also adds costs. No matter how hard you want to fight physics, it stays undefeated. To hit the new standards, you need more materials. Which brings me to mining.

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