My Experience with Covid and Paxlovid

I recently made a trip to California with my wife and for a souvenir I returned with a case of the Chinese Commie Crud (tm Sgt. Mom). My SO has been fortunate not to have received the same luck so far. What follows is my experience with the virus and the drug that I was given, along with a slight side trip down the messy insides of the American health care system.

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A Surprisingly Good Article About Electricity in the MSM

I was pleasantly surprised to read this article today on Fox News. It actually discusses some of the enormous challenges that California will have in trying to live up to some of the “clean energy” promises that have been made.

I am exposed constantly in my industry (HVAC) to the drumbeat of electrification. States, municipalities, and even the federal government are subsidizing electric appliances, vehicles, and other types of equipment and in some cases simply outright banning fossil fuel equipment in new construction.

The thing that has been perplexing me since this show started in earnest a few years ago is exactly what the article addresses. Where do the legislators and others think that the power will come from? Electricity doesn’t fall from the sky and has to be transported to the point of use.

Transmission line projects take years and in the case of California, could a new one even be built at all?

There is a lot to this subject, of course, but at least there was an article published that scratches the surface of some of the “pie in the sky” legislation and addresses the hopes and dreams of those who think installing a huge new base of electrical items won’t cause any issues down the line.

All Hat and No Cattle – Section 25C Tax Credits

I love that expression. There are lots of explanations of the saying, but I take it to mean (and I assume most do) that it is meant to describe a big talker – one who says a lot but doesn’t really have/do much to back it up.

As the dust has begun to settle from the Inflation Reduction Act (I always laugh at that title), that saying keeps going through my head.

There are a lot of things in the IRA that are HVAC related and one of them was the extension and expansion of 25C Tax Credits. Before I go any further, a short primer on tax credits.

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The Art of the Remake, XIX

I heard the sad news of Christine McVie’s passing yesterday. I always loved her voice and she wrote some amazing songs.

Remember the standard:
“If you are going to cover a song, rip it apart a bit and make it your own.”

Here’s “Everywhere” by Darling West:

Thoughts on the Waukesha Christmas Parade Trial

Sometime later today I expect to hear the news that Darrell Brooks has been sentenced to six consecutive life sentences, plus around 900 years in prison without the possibility of parole. I would like to watch it live but have some business matters to deal with so I will watch it later on YouTube (Law and Crime has livestreamed and archived the whole trial). This ending to an unspeakable tragedy has received a ton of press locally here in Wisconsin, and I have seen quite a bit nationally as well. What follows are my thoughts on the subject.

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