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  • The Neighborhoods: Arrogance (1979)

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on April 2nd, 2009 (All posts by )


    9 Responses to “The Neighborhoods: Arrogance (1979)”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      More like hairogance, it seems to me.

    2. Mitch Townsend Says:

      Lex, it looks like they’ve reunited and are playing down the Cape this summer. Beats working as a roofer or landscaper, I guess.

      Sadly, the Rat was razed years ago, but the Middle East has taken up some of the slack. Oh look, isn’t that the Fleshtones on April 18th? There’s still a fair amount of punk and garage going on at T.T. the Bear’s – or there would be, except punk is dead.

    3. Lexington Green Says:

      Ha. Minehan always did have hairogance, you betcha.

      Mitch, If I were in Boston, I’d go see that Fleshtones show. You should go and report back here. Punk can’t die. It is an American vernacular music. It’s permanent and available to anyone who wants to pick it up and use it.

    4. Carl Ortona Says:

      couldn’t help but notice that the Fleshtones are doing the ME with the Lyres … almost worth a trip. saw them together in Brooklyn a year and a half ago … still mind-boggling good.

    5. Tatyana Says:

      Are there really people who actually, in fact, for real understand the words? OK, i’m not asking for 100% (that’d be superhuman), but %75? The feat, impossible w/o at least 1/3 bottle of [insert favorite poison].

      I’ve got a headache on the 1:30 minute.

    6. Lexington Green Says:


      Dawn makes Jimmy realize that his heart beats
      despite last night’s attempts to make it stop
      Now as he arises from a deep sleep
      watch him pick up where he left off

      As he combs his hair and casts a glance
      his every move spells arrogance
      pretty girls in cars play an important part
      he picks a lot of fights but he never ever gets beat up

      down main street at a slow pace
      its all a boy can do to pass the time
      night finds Jimmy restless and quite irate
      I can sense his urgency to die

      now that the street gang’s gone he tries to carry on
      its so hard to grow up when there’s so much to live down
      futile stance, worthless life
      arrogance, arrogance, arrogance, arrogance

    7. Tatyana Says:

      Lex, you’ve earned a biscuit.
      That is, if you didn’t use google bloodhounds to dig it up.

    8. Lexington Green Says:

      I know the song by heart. I have performed it on stage with my own band.

    9. Tatyana Says:

      Two biscuits.