Anyone recognize this quote?

“Have you ever been phoned in Upton, Mass., for being a lucky wise guy?”

If so, you win … nothing!

Ok. You win a cyberspatial imaginary fist-bump.

(Hint: “Hello, Rangoon!”)

9 thoughts on “Anyone recognize this quote?”

  1. [ring] “Hello, New York? Sell!”

    [ring] “Hello, Chicago? Sell!”

    [ring] “Hello, LA? Everyone in New York and Chicago is selling. Buy!”

  2. “Were you picking your teeth in Poughkeepsie?”

    No wait, that was the “French Connection”

  3. Thanks to Google I can confidently state that even if I had known I wouldn’t have admitted so publicly.

  4. I thought that sounded familiar, and I guessed right. I gather the station (WBCN, but they will be changing the call letters) is switching to sports talk, which means it loses my car radio button. It’s not such a big loss as it would have been some years ago. Hint to station managers: Kurt Cobain has been dead a long time, and unless you’re running an oldies station, it’s time to find some more recent music.

  5. Yes, I remember the first time Laquidara got fired on the overnight shift. They told him not to play any more songs with drum solos, so he played Toad, In-a-gadda-da-vida, and a few more, all in a row.

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