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  • Dr. Helen on Her Hopes

    Posted by Ginny on August 30th, 2008 (All posts by )

    I think Palin would focus on helping Americans achieve their dreams by staying out of their way.

    Why Palin is a Fantastic Choice

    Speeches give us glimmers; campaigns tell us more.  I suspect most of us want to learn more, but Palin is attractive in more ways than one and she clearly offers a choice.  Dr. Helen sums up the difference between the speech Thursday and the one Friday in this comment.  And I suspect Palin doesn’t believe we are in the middle of a great depression – the picture rather grimly painted at the Democratic Convention.  Is my corner of the world that different from the rest of America?  What do these people do if unemployment goes up to the levels of most European countries?  How do they explain the 17 million new homeowners in the last eight years? 


    7 Responses to “Dr. Helen on Her Hopes”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      What do these people do if unemployment goes up to the levels of most European countries? How do they explain the 17 million new homeowners in the last eight years?

      I don’t think that people who know as much as you do about comparative economic statistics are the Democrats’ main audience.

    2. Ginny Says:

      Since my knowledge is rudimentary, this might indicate why Ayers thought the best use of his time was to encourage methods in our school system that would ensure ignorance, the kind of identity politics Shannon describes, and a lack of historical perspective.

    3. Mike Says:

      How do they explain the 17 million new homeowners in the last eight years?

      So these 17 million homes were bought and paid for? Homeowners? I don’t think so. Not until the mortgage is paid is a person a “homeowner.”

    4. Shannon Love Says:


      Not until the mortgage is paid is a person a “homeowner.”

      Yes, well, that’s not how they compile the statistics. My personal preference is to define the person who pays the taxes on the property as its owner.

      Even in the current “crisis” less 5% of mortgages are in danger. So leaves 15.2 million new home owners.

    5. Danny L. McDaniel Says:

      If acceptance speeches give us a glimmer into the thinking of a presidential nominee, Obama didn’t give us much. The substance of his acceptance was the same as Walter Mondale’s in 1984. Where’s the change? It is refried liberalism from the 1960’s. Sen. Obama speech wasn’t as great as the media has made it out to be.

      I heard once that in presidential politics “Americans don’t by the car because of the spare tire.” But this go round Sarah Palin will underscore John McCain’s political traits: the senibilities of Dwight Eisenhower, the common man touch of Gerald Ford, the high idealism of Ronald Reagan. The Republican ticket , as Biden proved in his speech, will be hard to attack this fall.

      Obama underwhelming speech, with backdrop at Mile High Stadium, complete emotional supporters driven to tears, looked more like the stage for a Madonna concert than a presidential acceptance speech.

      Danny L. McDaniel
      Lafayette, Indiana

    6. Tyouth Says:

      “….the high idealism of Ronald Reagan. The Republican ticket , as Biden proved in his speech, will be hard to attack this fall.”

      The Republican ticket will be hard for the Dems to beat but comment re. Regan is over the top I think.

    7. sfc ski Says:

      IT’s amazing to me that in the last 48 hours or so, I have found more than enough news articles that outline Palin’s past responsibilities and accomplishments, but after almost a year, I still can’t find anything similarly summarizing Obama.

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