New Chicago Boy

Welcome to Jay Manifold, who blogs at the excellent A Voyage To Arcturas and joined us at our blog bash last weekend (Jay’s account of his trip to Chicago is here). Jay has graciously agreed to blog with us, at least some of the time, and we only had to offer him double his salary from Arcturas to get him to do it. He appears to know a lot about everything, and I fully expect to see him and Lex ruling the world one day. Until then we can look forward to reading his posts.

12 thoughts on “New Chicago Boy”

  1. “I have repeatedly predicted the appearance of “Turing blogs,” where a program creates a realistic-looking blog without human input.”


    Check out this app (google for your version), “Kant Generator Pro 1.3.1”. It’s a GREAT, AMAZING alogrithm that randomly generates Kantian “arguments” using Kants grammar and sytax and semantic digression (and it will be proven later that without a doubt this is surely the case)… all completely meaningless… except for the occasional mixture that’s exactly what Kant wrote, which, of course, is beyond the intuitive grasp of those unable to see the OBVIOUS EXISTANCE of the so-called “unknowable thing in and of itself”!!! Hours of fun.

    There’s also the added perk of customising Husserl or Kant or etc. modules to taste (Sweedish Chef from the muppets Kant has been a favorate for years, borkborkbork). AND (drum roll please!) the source code is very basic, and the modules edit so easily that it’s not dramatically hard to create your own module from scratch. I did a Theoretical Relativistic Physics “Hypothesis” generator based on Stephan Hawkings that turned out to work on top of Kant’s structure (Plus my text to speech included Hawkings “voice”, Geroge, which meant I could listen to the Professor “read” my randomly generated hypothetical theoretical insight… out loud! (I don’t have it debugged for this OS, but I’ll look around for it.

  2. I haven’t even started posting yet, and I’m getting comments (and readers, evidently). This is even easier than I thought. And I’ve tripled my income from blogging! ;)

  3. Ruling the WORLD?? For that I’d need to build a race of atomic supermen. No. Too much effort for too little reward.

    Can’t you see my plans are so much vaster? With Jay on board, my master plan can truly unfold.

    We will one day rule the SOLAR SYSTEM!

    (Mad cackling laughter) Aaah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

  4. We can use the “Kant Generator Pro 1.3.1” to write the prospectus. The S.E.C. and Spitzer wouldn’t be able to make head or tail out of the damn thing!

  5. Sylvain: We’ll see what we can do.

    Scott: It’s true, we broke the bank on this one, but it’s a win/win scenario with multiple synergies etc. Plus, Jay is a nice guy and this way he’s more likely to attend our next party.

  6. Pathetic Earthlings.

    Actually, only the Asteroid Belt will be under my direct rule. Other celestial bodies will be delegated to viceroys of my choosing. Earth goes to the highest bidder, bidding to start at $1 trillion.

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