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  • Countdown to ROCK

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on July 15th, 2004 (All posts by )

    New Muffs Album, Really, Really Happy is due out on August 10th. I have a suspicion it is going to be unbelievably brilliant.

    (Pre-order this baby right here. I just did.) (The Muffs’ official website is here.)

    Start being really, really happy.


    9 Responses to “Countdown to ROCK”

    1. Captain Mojo Says:

      Happiness is beginning to excrete from my very pores!

      And a full, 17 track album. Im so sick of bands (even ones I like) squeezing out 9-track, 25 minute long CDs. If I wanted an EP, Id ask for one, thank you very much.

      Ms. Shattuck and Co., however, always have value for your CD purchasing dollar in mind, bless their little hearts.

      This is good news indeed!

    2. Jay Manifold Says:

      Where are the Pontani Sisters?

    3. Anonymous Says:

      Captain, I see have the magic potion to smoke you out of your hole. Yeah, baby.

      Jay, The Pontani Sisters’ performance schedule is but a mouse click away.

    4. Lex Says:

      That was me.

    5. Jonathan Says:

      The photo has me seeing red. Should I adjust my set?

    6. Lex Says:

      No, just buy the record.

    7. In-Cog-Nito Says:

      They sure do look happy.

      But are they truly really really happy???

      Time (and album sales) will tell.

    8. Lex Says:

      Nito, Go to their website and go to Media check out the videos. That will give some indication of the happiness level.

    9. MatyaNoBaka Says:

      NHK will summarize the Fuji Rock Festival in two special editions of “Pop Joins the World” on Saturday 7 & 14 August. Time and frequency will vary by your location, i listen at 11 UTC (0700 EDT) on 6120 via the Sackville Canada relay.

      Share and enjoy,
      Matya no baka