Disclosure for FTC

Chicagoboyz profits monetarily when its readers purchase goods via Amazon links on this site. Chicagoboyz also receives revenue from BlogAds.com in exchange for displaying BlogAds advertisements. Chicagoboyz also profits monetarily when its readers click on Google ads on Chicagoboyz or on affiliated websites that are linked by Chicagoboyz, such as Jury Experiences. Chicagoboyz does not receive revenue from the non-affiliated websites and blogs that are linked by Chicagoboyz. Chicagoboyz book reviewers may receive consideration, in the form of review copies of the books that they review, from book authors or publishers. Chicagoboyz is otherwise not on the take, unlike more than a few of the government officials who think that idiotic rules forcing bloggers to make disclosures such as this one are a good idea.