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  1. Not much hope in the long run Fat Man. Clearly, two strong U.S. population characteristics brought us (through the election of leftists in both branches) to this social crisis – stupidity and naiveté. Apparently, an 11th hour reprieve from a bureaucratic, totalitarian-like, monster has occurred. The population hasnt’ changed though and, like godzilla, it will return again.

    A safe wager is that the Republicans won’t build on this rejection with reasonable adjustments and regulations over the special interest groups that determine how healthcare is paid for and administered.

  2. It appears that Scott Brown is well on his way to being the first Republican senator in Massachusetts since Edward Brooke was defeated by Paul Tsongas in 1978. Whats more, if elected, he’d be far more conservative that Brooke, the first popularly elected black Senator (since reconstruction) and champion of civil rights and social welfare.<a href="http://politics.nashvillepost.com/2010/01/18/the-ghost-of-edward-brooke/"NashvillePost.com The election reverberates, whether in terms of the “Kennedy seat” or Massachusetts’ senate seats in general. Perhaps we’ll start rethinking some of the old cliches. Perhaps we’ve turned a corner. But we are likely to need more energy and more vigilance to keep this train on track.

  3. Scott Brown is the best retail politician I have seen since Reagan. He is agile in debate. He crushed David Gergen with his comeback about the “people’s seat.” Gergen readily admitted it. It was as good as Dukakis’ response to the question about his wife was bad in 1988.

    He is pro-choice but the Coakley people stupidly attacked him on the conscience exemption for health care workers he sponsored. It failed and he is now immunized against attacks on his pro-choice position in the GOP.

    He had a good comeback to Obama’s dumb comments about his truck. When Fred Thompson was running for the Senate in Tennessee, his handlers got him out of a necktie and into a pickup truck. Brown figured that out from the beginning.

    This was also a big win for Romney who backed Brown and whose staff helped run his campaign.

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