An iPad Question Answered

I took advantage of my Apple Developer’s account to glance over the newly released Developer’s documentation for the iPad. I don’t want to go into any specific details because I believe some of the information is covered under my Developer’s non-disclosure agreement.

However, I can morally answer the question that I had previously about the then-rumored iPad. I have long wondered if it would be fusion or hybrid between the iPhone and a standard Mac. Well, it isn’t. It’s basically a giant iPhone without the phone. It runs a new version of iPhone OS and uses iPhone-style apps.

I’ll have more to say about the iPad later.

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  1. There are a certain number of “if only” applications that haven’t been made for the ipod touch and the iphone; “If only there were a bigger screen”, “if only I could get a decent presentation program running on it”, etc. If those applications show up and are compelling, the iPad is going to be a winner. I know that we’re considering buying one for medical office use.

    Change the form factor and you change a lot.

  2. The glitch apparently for many will be the tie-in to AT&T. It appears that the iPhone linkage will be carried over since that’s the main prop of the pathetic AT&T wireless net and that prop is what bogs the net down for many folks. Adding another bandwidth hungry exclusive appliance might look like a business pump for AT&T, but unless their infrastructure catches up fast, Apple will be offering a lame horse.

    Please give us a Verizon and Sprint option…

  3. Shannon Love – Here’s my top one. Intake forms for medical practices. Not just the demographics but marrying it to already developed medical quizzes that allow doctors better insight into patient care and focus patients on getting the right questions down before the doctor ever comes into the room. Stick an alarm that starts to go off if you leave the office with it by mistake (it happens). You end up with a $499 clipboard replacement that increases patient care, saves data entry time and reduces errors, allows you to do self-help diagnostics that enhance doctor care.

    How many others would you like? Contact me.

  4. Ed Rasimus,

    The glitch apparently for many will be the tie-in to AT&T.

    AT&T is the iPhone’s weak link but I don’t the iPad will be troubled by it as much. I think most iPads will be used in WiFi environments.

  5. I would like to see a drawing program with stylus input.

    this thing could be a Wacom-killer!

    I know, small market, but I’d love it! The Cintiq is awkward and pricey.

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