8 thoughts on “Trump Tower”

  1. Carl, have you looked at the interior? How is it? (Please don’t ask me why I still haven’t walked over to look.)

  2. 1. I love when the skyscrapers disappear into gray cloud on a rainy or foggy day….it is so beautiful.

    2. And so, beautiful pic Carl from Chicago!

    3. The building itself is in the modern glass tower style that is so ubiquitous and so boring and dull, and yet, the thing about Chicago is that the boom and bust nature of building means that different styles are displayed next to one another. A heritage museum of architectural styles of the 20th and early 21st century! In person, this mix is pleasing, but if more glass towers go up and obscure the earlier styles it won’t be as interesting a skyline.

    4. The best new building is Aqua Tower in my opinion. The pictures don’t do it justice, in fact, most pics don’t look good to me at all, although the link below is one of the better ones. In person, it is like looking up at a floating, stacked wafers. My mother thought they looked like leaves stacked on one another. Anyway, in person it is very different from the usual glass monstrosity and it is graceful, quirky, human. Lovely.


  3. I found a photo of Aqua that I took this summer when the sun was shining and the sky was blue and added it on the post above with the Chicago River. Sigh I wish it was summer… or even Spring.

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