Until next week

I won’t do any blogging for the next week, so I have collected these items to make up for the lost time. Those lower down are links to older articles I had never had gotten around to posting.

I got most of links from these news sources:

Arts & Letters Daily

Public Relations on the cheap:

PR on a Low Budget: Combine 3 Tactics for Peak Impact

A long-awaited “Star Wars” role playing game is set to be released for the Xbox this month:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

It’s set 4000 years before the movies, though.

How to become a disastrous boss:

7 Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives

US companies can now officially be sued for defending themselves against criticism:

Supreme Court paves way for trial on Nike’s free speech rights

A bubble bursting?

Gartner says Wireless LANs fair way away

Working overtime to make mischief:

Virus writers boost output in 2003

Patents granted for somewhat peculiar inventions:

You Can Patent That?

I just might try the “Semen taste-enhancement dietary supplement”.

Future interconnected networks of sensors:

Sensors of the World, Unite!

Proposed new airport scanners reveal a bit too much:

‘Nice Bombs Ya Got There’

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in computer games

Mind Games

Electronic Arts becoming”the greatest entertainment company ever”?

Could This Be the Next Disney?

Bjørn Lomborg and Olivier Rubin review the latest edition of “Limits to growth”

Chris Taylor whose company made the great roleplaying game Dungeon Siege on the Future of PC Gaming

The Spectator on the “savage new religion of celebrity”:

Why our gods must die

Comedian Jeff Wayne does to Michael Moore what Moore did to Roger Smith:

Michael And Me

A great book review by Paul Krugman, from the time before he became a political activist:

The Accidental Theorist

An article that claims that Moore’s Law isn’t good for the high tech industry:

Forget Moore’s Law

A not quite official homepage of the science fiction author Larry Niven:

Known Space

The hierarchy of High School:

Why Nerds Are Unpopular