Let’s hear it for the Chicks!

According to the Microenterprise Journal women own nearly half of all American businesses. Even better, they grow and expand faster than the rest of the economy. That shows that they have a lot of as yet unrealized potential, so that this positive trend should continue for a while longer. Since this is the Microenterprise Journal, the article also makes these points:

… the vast majority of the revenues and the jobs are coming from relatively few of these firms. Of the 3.9 million privately held firms in which women own at least 50% interest, 166,212 have revenues of $1 million, and 6,902 have 100 or more employees. That doesn’t sound too bad until you crunch the numbers. Only 4.3% of these firms have revenues in excess of $1 million a year. A meager 0.2% have 100 or more employees. … … while it might sound impressive to talk about firms that generate millions and billions of dollars in revenue, the reality is that the world’s largest economy generally chugs along on the backs of a lot of little companies that make a lot less money.
That last point illustrates nicely why even the strongest economies are so vulnerable to increased regulations and taxes.