2010 IKC Chicago Dog Show

Recently I went to the dog show at McCormick place in Chicago. I highly recommend it – a lot of fun, especially if you bring kids. The fun isn’t the judging or the agility contests (which are cool) but involves walking around looking at all the breeds as they are being groomed.

Many of the dogs were in curlers of some sort as they prepared for the show but this one seemed particularly sad.

These two cracked me up – it was the “before and after” as the dogs prepared for the show. You wouldn’t believe the attention and effort that the owners lavished on these animals.

Here is a movie I made with all of my photos. If you can’t see the movie a link is here.

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5 thoughts on “2010 IKC Chicago Dog Show”

  1. I bet every dog involved in that travesty has the same thought on its mind:

    “Oh boy, I can’t wait until I can get back to normal… where’s a muddy puddle I can roll in? And if I can find some kind of dead animal to rub up against afterwards, that would be perfect.”

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