Chirac’s Sphincter

According to this story Chirac told Blair that “[t]he political, administrative, economic and social reconstruction of Iraq can only be done by the United Nations, which has the legitimacy and experience necessary for the task.” That comment is so pathetic it would degrade me to prepare a verbal response. Chirac is a sock full of dung, nothing more. (Extra credit to the person who knows who first used that expression, and about whom. Hint, it was said in French)

Query whether Chirac’s bunghole can be distended enough to have the entire UN headquarters in New York shoved up it. There’s only one way to find out for sure.

(Pardon the scatology, but there is really no other way to express the full richness of my loathing for Chirac. And as for Villepin, well … .)

UPDATE:Instapundit has this post with links to the Telegraph story about Russia spying for Iraq, and a good article about Villepin and Chirac attempting to ingratiate themselves with the Arabs. I will credit Chirac/Villepin with ambition, anyway. They are aggressively and openly trying to assemble and coordinate a joint French/Russian/German/Pan-Arab anti-American front. The Americans, too nice as usual, are not catching on very quickly to how serious this all is. They still think that France is at heart an “ally”, though one composed of comical “surrender monkeys”. Wrong. France is a hostile foreign power. France is and has been, in effect, already waging war against us. It’s goal is to defeat, to humble, the hyperpower. And France is led by active, clever, persevering and truly hostile men. Let’s all stay alert on this. It is going to get very ugly, especially as the captured Iraqi files begin to reveal their secrets and we see the extent to which France has been acting jointly against the United States with its (former) ally, client and customer Iraq.