4 thoughts on “Why Zombie Movies Don’t Begin in Texas”

  1. Awesomely awesome. I LOVE Texas.

    If you guys and gals down there ever secede, this Ohioan is swimming the Red River with his WASR-10, ammo and food (gold is too heavy, have to mail that).

  2. Chris,

    The main protagonist’s story starts in Texas. The source of the zombie outbreak is alluded to being on the east coast somewhere.

    That is a surprisingly good movie. My son rented it and I watched it with him and I was really surprised about how witty it was.

    My favorite line in the movie: The characters find a crashed Hummer. Woody Harlson’s character unzips a duffle bag in the backseat and finds if full of military grade weapons and ammo. He looks up at the protagonist and says,

    “Thank god for rednecks!”

    Latte sipping urbanites are okay when civilization is humming along but when the crap hits the fan Bubba Joe, who can fix a car, weld, hunt, shoot etc makes for a better friend.

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