All I Want Is For Them To Get Off My Lawn

San Francisco is considering banning the sales of Happy Meals inside the city limits. Near as I can tell, the justification is that toys included with meals intended for children cause them to eat like pigs.

What about parents, the people who actually earn the money that is used to pay for fast food?

They must be mindless drones to keep their children from constantly gulping down fattening grub. Once their larva starts to nag and whine, they have no choice but to mindlessly shell out the hard earned for a heart attack on a plate.

That means all of you jokers who spawned are sheep! Zombies ripe for the picking by the endlessly evil people at McDonald’s! Their vast intellects have wiped out any chance you have of resisting, since any sort of ability to form rational thought has obviously squirted out of the womb along with your get. All your corporate masters have to do is include a cheap plastic toy with food, and you fall into line like the dull-witted proletariat you are!

Thank goodness the Democrat-infested governments in California are there to keep you from destroying yourselves. Freedom of choice? You obviously can’t handle it, since a simple toy has defeated you! They must step in and pass arbitrary legislation which removes any chance you might have of making your own decisions, because you will just screw it up! I mean, think of the children!

And if you disagree with me, then you must be a racist. Or a parent.

8 thoughts on “All I Want Is For Them To Get Off My Lawn”

  1. I predict the McDonald’s restaurants in Daly City, San Bruno, & South San Francisco will see a big jump in business if the nanny staters on the San Francisco city council pass this.

  2. Those plastic Happy Meals toys really are nasty. (What happened to cool prizes like the things packed in Cracker Jacks?) I personally abhor McDonalds, but the grandkids think it is great with its inside climbing equipment on hot summer days. So they get a choice when we are out at lunchtime: either McDonalds where we decline the toys in the Happy Meals or a local Mexican place with homemade salsas and children’s wraps. Getting the toys out of the equation results in Mexican about half the time, which is fine with me.

  3. Children in San Francisco are mostly abstractions or tourists. The children are all across the Bay or in south suburbs. All this will do is to slightly decrease tourism which has crashed anyway the past 30 years. The city is a microcosm of California which believes that beautiful scenery and a nice climate are sufficient to keep the society healthy. The productive people are leaving. Even Silicone Valley is emptying out which will help with housing prices for a while but the future is a dystopia.

  4. Freedom of choice? You obviously can’t handle it

    They chose who to put into office, didn’t they? So, no, they can’t.

  5. Some fun things to point out.

    (1) This ordinance is racist. The same leftists who support these types of restrictions are always saying that the fast food industry disproportionately “targets” minorities i.e. minorities dine at fast food restaurant more than non-minorities. Since this ordinance is premised on the idea that parents are to incompetent to choice what food their children eat, it follows that the ordinance assumes that minority parents are particularly to stupid and undisciplined to manage their own children’s nutrition.

    (2) This means the social conservatives are right. If advertisement for fast food is so powerful that it can cause children and parents to desire food that is bad for them, then it follows that the even more common depictions of promiscuous sexual behavior and positive depictions of homosexuality in the popular media must be significantly altering the sexual behavior of teenagers. If people are so susceptible to messages packed into 30 second segments, the impact of the other 44 minutes per hour of TV must be even greater. Therefore, social conservatives can demand that the government restrict depictions of sexuality and lifestyle that they believe destructive.

    Leftists are careless with government power. They have no problem using the violent, coercive power of the state to impose their least whim on others. The way to pull them up short is to use their own rationals to justify using that same power against freedoms that leftist treasure.

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