“Return of the King” Trailer

I may be the last guy to see this, but the official trailer for the third and last Lord of the Rings movie is now out. My oldest kid and I just watched it. We agree it looks most cool. Stirring stuff, moving stuff.

The cavalry charge of the Rohirrim, one of my all-time favorite scenes in any book I have ever read, looks awfully good. The entire passage reads like the Song of Roland, or some genuine epic of the dark ages:

“Horns, horns, horns. … Great horns of the North, wildly blowing. Rohan had come at last.” “For morning came, morning and a wind from the sea; and darkness was removed, and the hosts of Mordor wailed, and terror took them, and they fled, and died, and the hoofs of wrath rode over them. And then all the host of Rohan burst into song, and they sang as they slew, for the joy of battle was upon them …” “Hard fighting and long labour they had still; for the Southrons were bold men and grim, and fierce in despair; and the Easterlings were strong and war-hardened and asked for no quarter. And so in this place and that, by burned homestead or barn, upon hillock or mound, under wall or on field, still they gathered and rallied and fought until the day wore away.”

Read it all.