New Lisa Marr Record — American Jitters

Heads up. Take a break from worrying about China. Happy news.

Lisa Marr’s new cd is out.

But you’d almost have to be psychic to notice.

There is nothing on her website –or almost nothing. If you happen to look at “shows” and happen to notice that the last one listed says “release party” you’ll get a hint there’s a new record. But there’s nothing on the merch page on the website, so you can’t buy it there even if you managed to figure out that it existed. This is a mysterious approach. But there is a blurb about it on the Sympathy for the Record Industry site, which is where I found out about it, totally by accident, while looking for something else. And, sure enough, you can get it on Amazon. But there is no picture and there are no samples … .

This is an eccentric marketing blitz. More like an anti-blitz. Like a stealth attack or something. Maybe it is a zen approach where less is more, or one hand is clapping or a butterfly is dreaming of being a person.

But. I see that you can go to this site and hear samples or do some kind of pay-to-download thing I haven’t figured out yet.

The samples sound anywhere from good to damn good to breathtaking (“The Boy With the Lou Reed Eyes”).

My disk is already on order. I will provide a full review in due time.