Mark your calendars!

Dudes and dudesses, hear ye, hear ye, the place to be on Saturday December 20, 2003 is Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn, Illinois for the Los Straitjackets Christmas Pageant with The World Famous Pontani Sisters:

Shake off that winter chill and welcome in the holidays with the return of LOS STRAITJACKETS‘ CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, a festive music and dance extravaganza featuring the winning combination of the America’s foremost instrumental band coupled with the WORLD FAMOUS PONTANI SISTERS‘ burlesque/go-go choreography and retro-glam original costumes. After the phenomenal success of last year’s holiday tour, Los Straitjackets, fresh from touring for their new release, “Supersonic Guitars in 3-D”, have once again enlisted The World Famous Pontani Sisters, a trio of choreographed cuties who travel the globe on their quest to bring glamour back to entertainment, to kick start the holidays with a tour not even the Grinch could resist.

I saw this team tear the roof off last 4th of July. Get in the mood by listening to the Straitjackets fabulous Christmas album ‘Tis the Season for Los Straitjackets. (This features their cover of “It’s a Marshmallow World”, a song made legendary by Dean Martin, among other delectable seasonal morsels.)

No kidding kids, it doesn’t get any better than this. Be there. Aloha. (And Ho Ho Ho.)

(Check HERE for other locations on this tour, including Providence, NYC, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago …)

4 thoughts on “Mark your calendars!”

  1. I saw Los Straightjackets at the Empty Bottle a while back…


    Definitely one of the most “arousing” shows I’ve ever seen. You just don’t see enough punk rockers with face masks and costumes reminiscent of early WWF wrestlers..

    And those Pontani sisters are so hot! They must have changed costumes in between every other song.. each time they came out onto the stage to do a routine, even the flaccid, stoned crowd at the Empty Bottle broke into cheers..

    what a night.. unforgettable.. GO SEE THEM.. you will not be disappointed.

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