What A Crock

Covert CIA operative, my ass. Maybe she and her husband, who are not in any way milking her CIA employment, and supposed victimization by the eeevil Bush administration, for self-promotional purposes should head over to Geneva. They could help out with the unofficial Israeli-Palestinian “peace negotiations,” which are about as on-the-level as Wilson and Plame are.

Plame also mingled unobtrusively last month at a party at the home of The Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn. But there has been an invisible bubble around her as reporters have respected the desire of “Jane Bond,” as Wilson calls her, to remain in the Washington shadows.

Plame talked to Vanity Fair writer Vicky Ward on a not-for-attribution basis, and the only direct quote was “It’s such a mess,” referring to her under-renovation kitchen as she fussed over their 3-year-old twins. But the article contains such passages as: “Plame herself instantly thought that the leak was illegal.”

Wilson, who is pursuing a deal for a book that he says will be about more than just “the outing of my wife,” said they have had to make compromises to maintain Plame’s privacy.


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3 thoughts on “What A Crock”

  1. Please note: the WaPo still uses the “uranium from Niger” phrase. Back to the SofTU speech!

    Afica, Africa!

  2. It gets worse. See Donald Luskin about Plame’s appearance in Vanity Fair. On one picture she has big sunglasses and a scarf. On the next one, she’s hidden behind a newspaper. What a pathetic joker.

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