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  • Greetings

    Posted by In-Cog-Nito on January 19th, 2004 (All posts by )


    I’m the new guy here at ChicagoBoyz. A big thank you to Jonathan for getting me into blogging. I’ll try to keep it interesting.

    For those who read my future posts, you can probably figure out who I am. But for work purposes, I have to keep it In-Cog-Nito, hence the pen name.

    With that, I look forward to adding my $0.02 to the pot.


    6 Responses to “Greetings”

    1. Lex Says:

      Magnificent. Thanks.

    2. Jonathan Says:

      Excellent. Glad you could join us.

    3. Lex Says:

      Actually, I meant that “magnificent” to be for the Chicago photos. But, it sorta works here, too. Welcome to our jolly crew.

    4. In-Cog-Nito Says:

      Thanks guys. Great interfaces by the way on the posting and email. Top notch.

    5. Sylvain Galineau Says:

      And Jonathan adds one more minion to his Evil Empire.

      Resistance is futile.

    6. Jonathan Says:

      Sylvain, I like the way you think.