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  1. Yes, Seumas, you nailed it: the U.S. fears Cuba, all right. This is obviously a case of the dreaded “Cubaphobia.” It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the lack of freedom in the island paradise. . .

    “Hey, Raul! Is that your new car? It’s a beauty!”

    “Thanks, Carlos. Yes, it is. Why, with all the first-rate health care and free education we are receiving, I’ve been able to trade up to a ’59 model. The trunk is big enough to slaughter chickens in without the neighborhood committee finding out, plus it floats!”

  2. My first car was a 1959 Buick. It was a darker green than this one which looks to be a color not known to GM re paint. It would never have occurred to me to even think about it being seaworthy.

    It was a great car. The trunk was bigger than some swimming pools. The doors were 10 inches thick. It is from an age when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

  3. Ugh! You tourture me by showing a picture of Miami when I am freezing my ass off in Chicago.

    But I am glad that someone worthy enjoys the view.

  4. Fred, yeah. Some of those old cars seem as massive as a flattened Hummer. With more style and aerodynamics of course.

    I was actually following an H2 yesterday, and I was just amazed you can move what is essentially a big-ass steel box that fast.

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