Anhinga Trail

My cousin was visiting and wanted to see the Everglades, so we drove to the southern entrance of Everglades National Park and walked on the Anhinga Trail. Nice place — easy to get to and the scenery and wildlife are always interesting.

The weather was unusually cold and wet but sometimes cold and wet is OK (you don’t need bug repellent or sunscreen). Additional photos follow below the “Read the rest” link…


Anhinga Double-crested Cormorant

More anhingas cormorants.


Anhinga Trail

Anhinga Trail

Black vultures.

black vultures

What’s the guy in the distance doing?

Anhinga Trail

He said that he dropped an expensive camera lens and needed to retrieve it to make an insurance claim. The Park rangers lent him a net. The alligator was not helpful.

Anhinga Trail alligator

Anhinga Trail

Anhinga Trail

Anhinga Trail

Anhinga Trail

(The fog was inside the camera.)

foggy windshield

Do not eat tomatoes and drive! This is a dangerous practice.


8 thoughts on “Anhinga Trail”

  1. I love the four birds on the rail. Could you make that photo available in a larger resolution? I’d like to use it as wall paper, with your permission of course.

  2. Jonathan,

    Love your posting, BUT, the birds you photographed are not Anhingas, they are Double-crested Cormorants. Anhingas ( also commonly called “snake birds” ) have very pointy bills and long necks. They don’t have sufficient water repellant for their feathers, so they slowly sink while they are swimming, eventually showing only their necks as they swim around, thus the name “snake bird”. When they do come out of the water, they hold their wings out to dry off.

    Cormorants are the birds that the Japanese use to catch fish. The fisherman put rings around the necks of the diving birds to keep them from swallowing their catch.

    Glad you enjoyed the Everglades, it’s a special place.



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