“Cameras,” Matt and Kim

my water comes straight from the tap
and those bottles are all just for show
I see that we’re made of
more then blood and bones
see we’re made of
sticks and stones

don’t forget to breathe
need locks for your keys
don’t forget to breathe now
forget to breathe now

The Matt and Kim song “Cameras” is everywhere and good thing, too, because I like it. Definitely dance-around-your-room-or-tap-your-toes-in-line-at-the-store time. Here’s the YouTube “official version” (can’t figure out the embedding url) and here is their fun and vibrant website. Posted on the website is the following observation from the Matt and Kim Twitter feed: “This guy at the pharmacy made it very clear to me that snow is a four letter word.”

Do I have to Twitter now? I generally don’t like it. It makes me feel like a stalker with ADD. (Full disclosure: I used to Twitter. Twitter microfiction I called it. Deleted it. May revive it. Who knows? And, yeah, I know you can’t recover an old account. I saved my microfiction on – wait for it – PAPER….)

Don’t forget to breathe now….no time for cameras we’ll use our eyes instead….

UPDATE: Okay, maybe today isn’t the best day to express my sentiments toward Twitter given Charles Cameron’s post below. It’s definitely a cool technology but I don’t know if it is for me.

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  1. Thanks for that Shannon. It’s a joyous song and joyous video.

    I like the phenomenon of good songs accompanying ads but apparently this leads to some distress among YouTube commenters…. :)

    – Madhu

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