Ford earned greater profits in 2010 than it had in a decade. But weren’t they the only major US automaker who refused to take government bailout money?

Of course, Ford’s sales situation could have been much rosier than the others when the bailout was proposed. Their refusal then and profits now are hardly surprising if that is so.

3 thoughts on “Profit!”

  1. The real comparison should be a world where the government doesn’t bail any makers out. Chrysler would have been liquidated. and GM parted out (I thought Ford should by Cadillac). In that world Ford would be much bigger than it is, at least in market share. Chrysler wouldn’t be pissing in the soup. Bailouts are really evil.

  2. I’ve been pricing and shopping for new a new truck for a couple of years now (I bought the current one 19 years ago, I don’t rush into long term commitments) when the bail-out happened Dodge, Chevrolet, and GMC went off the list. Truthfully the GM products weren’t looking too hot to begin with because they are VERY expensive. One truck I looked at cost more than two houses I’ve owned.

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