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  • An Insult to Drunken Sailors Everywhere

    Posted by Shannon Love on February 4th, 2011 (All posts by )

    demotivational posters - THE SAILOR
    see more Very Demotivational

    Personally, I’ve always thought that politicians spend like a drunken frat boy with daddy’s credit card.


    6 Responses to “An Insult to Drunken Sailors Everywhere”

    1. Douglas Says:

      Another comment I heard was “At least the sailors are spending their own money.”

    2. Douglas Says:

      I wasn’t a sailor, but as a Marine, I was in the DON, so it’s close enough, and I was actually rather parsimonious.

    3. JB Says:

      Sailors blow their wad after coming back from deployment. Drinks in Faslane, Porthsmith, Canal, and the PI were dirt cheap. One was long gone prior to spending half of it.

    4. Paul Milenkovic Says:

      “I wasn’t a sailor, but as a Marine, I was in the DON, so it’s close enough, and I was actually rather parsimonious.”

      Yes, but would you have gotten (ahem), a “mature” one-time advisor to the Mayor of Chicago a drink?

    5. Alan K. Henderson Says:

      Harmonic convergence! Seversal times online I chastised Bush for “spending money like a drunk teenager in Cancun on Spring Break with the parents’ credit cards.” And that was before Bush made that official visit to Cancun.

      If Bush is a drunken teenager, the Democrats are an entire drunken fraternity row.

      Maybe Congress should replace the daily prayer with chants of “TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!” Truth in advertising.

    6. Shannon Love Says:

      Alan K. Henderson,

      Yeah it sucks. Fiscal conservatives are usually stuck between a choice of Republican who will spend way to much money and a Democrat who will spend, way, way, way to much money.

      As a friend of mine rather crudely put it: We get to choose the diameter of the pipe we get forcibly sodomized with.