Reminder: Reagan Roundtable Begins Sunday Feb. 6th

As previously announced, to commemorate the 100th birthday of President Ronald Wilson Reagan, there will be a Roundtable hosted here at Chicago Boyz starting February 6th, featuring all interested members of the stable of contributors at Chicago Boyz and an august panel of invited guest-posters from a range of philosophical perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds.

On Saturday night, I will put up the introductory post, highlighting our guest posters and making some remarks appropriate for the occasion, after which, participants are free to post as often or at whatever length they deem sufficient until February 16th, at which point the roundtable will come to a close. I will be linking to all posts here over at and I will strongly encourage my readers to visit here and comment directly.

Sunday, is of course, aside from Reagan’s 100th birthday, the Superbowl. I think President Reagan would have liked that coincidence, given his most famous movie role, to have his centennial be associated with America’s hallowed day of football. It also allows me to say that with this Roundtable, regardless of the participants’ take or clash of views, we will accomplish one thing: