Kerry has a Secret Plan

Last week, Boston erupted in fury over the news that nearly every major road into Boston would be closed from 4PM to midnight for the Democratic Convention, July 26 through July 29. To get an idea of the impact, take a look at this map. The only route left is the Mass. Pike, Rte. 90, from the west. Since Rte. 93, the Central Artery, will be closed, you can still get to the airport through the Ted Williams Tunnel, but if you’re expecting to go anywhere near the Fleet Center and the convention, forget it. The Democrats had better be awfully thirsty, because all the bars and restaurants that were counting on the out-of-towners were not counting on losing their normal clientele.

The situation got a little more inflamed when the Kerry campaign floated the idea of his not really accepting the nomination so he can game the campaign finance reform laws.

Not to worry, says Kerry. “Boston will be open for business,” Kerry told reporters aboard his campaign plane. “People will make a lot of money. We’re going to have a full-fledged convention, and people are going to have a fantastic time.” The details on exactly how this will happen are still a little vague, to say the least.

Maybe he’ll go to the UN and enlist a multilateral coalition. Yeah, that’s a pissah idea.

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  1. How’re things going with the Big Dig? The last time I was in Boston…let’s see, that would be 1982 I think…there were lots of elevated highways and the entrance (was it to or from?) Logan airport tunnel was a traffic nightmare.

    I’ve seen artists renditions of what the city was going to look like after the elevated highways were removed and it looked promising. But they were just sketches. How does it look in reality? Is everything done? Are the commute times less or more?

    Maybe you could write a post on the project and the results.

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