Use the Force, Luke

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Man, this happens to me almost everyday. The [explicative deleted] of the thing is, I need the Internet to do research for just about everything I do. I just can’t turn it off and keep working. I can get diverted into pointless wanderings at the drop of a hat click of the mouse.

What I need is a hefty dose of self-discipline. I wonder where they sell that?

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  1. John Burgess,

    Strangely, enough Ritalin doesn’t help me. I tend to get hyperfocused on whatever I happen to be doing when the Ritalin kicks in. If I time it right, and I’m doing what I need to, the great. But if I’ve already wandered off task I spend the next three house obessively suffering links on French 14th century water mills or some other piece of interesting trivia. God help me if I’m looking at Wikipedia when it kicks in.

    I have to use it offset some other medical issues but its not really the big boost to productivity I thought it would be.

    Yet again the universe conspires against me by withholding quick and easy fixes.

  2. Quick Easy Fix ™:

    Edit system32\driver\etc\hosts file.

    Put the following lines in: etc etc etc

    Actually, I lied, but you get the idea. The entries make the sites difficult, if not impossible, for the browser to find.
    When you want them, change the names in the URL to the actual IP address. This is similar to putting your cigarettes on the top shelf out in the garage or freezing your credit card into a block of ice. But it only works if you want it to work.

  3. I am trying to stay away from facebook for the same reason.

    Good luck and try to stay focused. A lot of time I try to stay off the internet entirely if I am working and I just pull up notepad to take notes (sad but you can’t get distracted by that application) and work off hard copies.

    It is very difficult.

    I also try to read a full book from time to time. It is exhausting because my attention span is down to minutes. I need to try to focus more instead of being all over the place.

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