“An Afghan Comments on Wisconsin Democratic Rule”

Afghan: So everyone was elected?
Me: Yes.
Afghan: And so Obama’s party just leave because they don’t like their chances at the vote?
Me: Yes.
Afghan: That’s not very democratic.
Me: No.

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2 thoughts on ““An Afghan Comments on Wisconsin Democratic Rule””

  1. The way of anger leads to . . . the Dark Side.

    I remember feeling the same way during the President Clinton impeachment thing. Participation of women side-by-side with men was the law of the land as there were sexual harassment laws in place to protect that right. Mr. Clinton was party to a sexual harassment suit, and he lied during pre-trial discovery about a supposedly consensual sexual relationship in the workplace and on work time. I was personally subject to a strict workplace conduct policy that was put in place by his Health and Human Services Secretary, who then turned around and faced the cameras and pledged some manner of fealty to her boss. I too was furious about the double standards and the excuses made for Mr. Clinton. No, not that I wanted to act like a cad in the workplace, but why shouldn’t the same rules and laws I was under apply to Mr. Clinton?

    I remember talking to an uncle on my wife’s side of the family who is a business owner and a Republican Party activist in a neighboring state. I remember him telling me that no good would come of the impeachment proceedings, or certainly not the justice I was seeking. Anyone else telling a lie before a grand jury would end up in prison, and to my hot-headed Young Republican sensibilities, this was an outrage. Not that anything I said or believed or my uncle said or believed would change the course of history. But I look back on what he said about the Clinton impeachment and how I felt at that time (This is so unfair! This man lied before a grand jury! That you are a Democrat means that certain laws don’t apply?), and how right he was and how I didn’t see the Big Picture at the time.

    OK, the impeachment sullied Mr. Clinton’s reputation and in an indirect way it may have kept Mrs. Clinton out of the Presidency in favor of Mr. Obama. But key members of the House impeachment panel were “targeted” and turned out of Congress, and the Gingrinch Revolution lost all of its steam, with Mr. Gingrinch leaving for having an affair.

    Don’t act politically based on anger. Make the political calculation on whether current events help Mr. Walker or help the Democrats, not on whether they ought to help Mr. Walker or ought to help the Democrats. Consult some elders in the Republican Party, and don’t be contemptious of them as “squishes” or “RINOs” if they don’t say what we want to hear.

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