Nice High Definition Version of the Gadsden 2012 Logo

Jeff from The Right Logic sent a nice version he describes thus: “I updated it a bit by recreating the numbers so that they were crisp around the edges. I also updated the Gadsden logo with one that wasn’t blurry. I figured if this thing takes off at least we will have a high resolution version to distribute for people to use electronically. Here is a link to my blog with the logo.”

His version is here. It is also here and below the fold.

Thanks, Jeff.

(As noted, you can now buy stuff with one or another version of the 2012 Gadsden logo. I cannot yet vouch for the quality, but I ordered a bumper sticker and I will report on it when it arrives.)

4 thoughts on “Nice High Definition Version of the Gadsden 2012 Logo”

  1. Oh, that’s nice. Very crisp. Mine had all kinds of crappy looking blue artifacts around the numbers because I just flood filled over the blue. This is much nice. Any chance we could get the other variation — the snake over a white ‘O’?

  2. My bumper sticker arrived! I ordered the one with the white background for the snake and not the yellow. Mine looks really good, I think. It’s going on our car today.

    But I also made a new one, with the yellow-background snake having a slight white ring around it, to give it a crisper look. It doesn’t really show up in the zazzle picture, but I ordered one of those, too, and I will tell you if it’s an improvement.

    The new yellow snake one is here, and the white background is here.

    Here is just the image url.

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