Gadsden 2012 Stuff Now Available!

Liberty Jane left a comment saying you can now get 2012 Rattlesnake stuff, which she was up into the wee hours putting together. Mighty fist bump to her for jumping on this so fast.

The link is here.

The stuff looks cool.

Here is a nice bumper sticker.

(I ordered one, and I will report on the service and quality.)

I look forward to other people working with this image, or variants including words, etc.

Disclaimer. Neither I nor the ChicagoBoyz blog get any money from any sale of Liberty Jane’s stuff. We are not partners or professionally associated in any way. I don’t know her and I never heard of her until she left her comments here.

3 thoughts on “Gadsden 2012 Stuff Now Available!”

  1. I liked the bumper sticker but the site insists that one give a lot of personal information before it would tell you the shipping charges.

    Sorry, giving a ZIP code is reasonable but email, etc is not.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Lexington Green. I saw your post at Instapundit, which I read every day, and it often brings me here.

    I started making these a while ago when ideas would pop into my head that I had to get out… I was in Fairfax, VA at an anti-Obamacare rally (before the bill was passed) and one of my bumper stickers was in the parking lot that said, “Government health care? I hope you’re not a clunker!” (That was when “cash for clunkers” was happening).

    That one looked sharp and nice, but it’s often hard to tell with Zazzle what the final product will look like — one thing to note is that their stuff is returnable within 30 days.

    I would like to hear how it turns out. I will buy one for myself, too. Sometimes the translation from image to printer turns out great, and sometimes the colors aren’t what you expect. Just put up a comment on the product at the Zazzle site if there is something I need to know about how it turned out.


  3. I hope they do a good job with it.

    If they do, I might roll the dice on a t-shirt.

    Other readers may have other ways to do it.

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