9 thoughts on “Dog Parkour”

  1. We showed this to the Lesser Weevil, who appears to be a strong boxer-pit-Rhodesian-Rideback mix, about the size of the dog in this video — and considerable of a jumper, hoping she would be inspired. So far, she went and curled up in the dog-bed.
    We’ll just have to see, eh?

  2. I have a dog that, when she was younger, could be sitting (sitting, mind you) next to my Toyota pickup truck, and, when a ride was suggested to her, she would jump cleanly over the side and into the bed of my Toyota pickup truck. She had nothing on the supercat-dog in this video however.

  3. Haha, that’s awesome. The dog clearly enjoys it too.

    Of course cats can do some amazing things. Our cat could run straight up a tree vertically, about 5m up to sit on a branch (with a run-up). She would then run vertically down the tree to get back onto the ground.

  4. “We need ChicagoBoyz twenty (at least) years younger than our average, and twice as strong. Then you’re talking.” Lex – age is just a number my friend. You can do this.

  5. Dan The Motivational Speaker.

    the video: the face on that dog when he discovers there are no steps down on that playground ladder! priceless.

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