8 thoughts on “Night Cyclists”

  1. Flying into Denver and staying downtown is like entering a theocratic state. The propaganda starts at the airport and continues in the streets. And it is all so self congratulatory that one wonders if there is any other point to it.

  2. Out on the left coast there are occasional fights for turn between cyclists and motorists. When you get a “swarm” of cyclists on a country road taking a lane – and angry motorists behind waiting to pass….

  3. I am lucky in that there are militant cycling groups in and around Madison that are pretty well organized and get a lot of money for bike paths, lanes, bike boulevards (roads where bikes have right of way over cars) and other things. I don’t participate, but will use the rewards. In general, most auto drivers are pretty tolerant here of bike riders.

    More to the photograph, I had to stop night biking many years ago, just can’t see well enough when it gets dark outside.

  4. WTF are you talking about?

    Have you made the trip? The “green” airport, the pc wall murals, the natural gas buses? Natural gas buses are common enough in all cities, but Denver advertises the fact like it is a big deal. There is a definite sense of entering into a bizarre state of the mind. Especially in comparison with the Colorado in the 60’s. True, there is plenty of variation in Colorado, but sticking to the touristy parts of Denver and the airport, not so much.

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